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Standardized title 16 Items
Title on source [caption title on table of contents:] Weltliche Gesaenge mit P.f.
RISM ID number 1001103380

Library information

Library siglum CH-E
Shelfmark 136,9
Library Kloster Einsiedeln, Musikbibliothek

Material description

Type Other
Publishing, printing and production information [1830c]
Format, extent various
Dimensions 32 x 23 cm
Binding note Cardboard cover. On inside of front cover, a table of contents in the writing of Gallus Morel.

Further information

Description summary Composite volume with 15 printed music editions and 1 autograph manuscript.

Index terms

Name Morel, Gallus (1803-1872) [Other]

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External resource Digitalisat ist Teil des Projekts Digital Music Unica in Switzerland (D-MUS) [IIIF manifest (digitized source)]

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Items in this source (16) 992000579 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Herbstlied - V, pf [Through holding 51012561]
  990069402 Songs - V (2), pf [Through holding 267064]
  990054312 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Mailied - V, pf [Through holding 51012563]
  990054311 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Geschwister Lied - V, pf [Through holding 51012560]
  990054308 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Winterlied - V, pf [Through holding 51012565]
  990054297 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Lied eines deutschen Knaben - V, pf [Through holding 51012562]
  990054288 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Die Silberquelle - V, pf [Through holding 51012558]
  990054286 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Tischlied - Coro [Through holding 51012564]
  990054273 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Der einzige Liebreiz - V, pf [Through holding 51012557]
  990054188 Reichardt, Johann Friedrich: Die Geisterinsel - Excerpts; Arr; S (3), Coro, pf [Through holding 51012559]
  403009881 Seyfried, Ignaz Ritter von: Vöglein still mit eurem Necken - V, guit, pf [Through holding 51013173]
  403009876 Pieces - V, pf [Through holding 51013712]
  403009863 Pleyel, Ignace: Winterunterhaltung - V, pf, Coro [Through holding 51012349]
  991013148 Asioli, Bonifacio: 2 Duets - V (2), pf [Through holding 286827]
  403009851 Zwyssig, Peter Josef: Kennst du das Land das alle Lebensmüden - Coro
  403009846 Petitpierre, Alfred: Lieder - S, pf; op. 1 [Through holding 51012282]


(Digitalisat ist Teil des Projekts Digital Music Unica in Switzerland (D-MUS))