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Jenny, Albert


Name Jenny, Albert (1912-1992)
Standardized title Empfangen und genähret vom Weibe wunderbar
Scoring summary Coro, vl (2), vla, vlc
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID No. 410006369

Library information

Library siglum CH-Lz Ms.N.94:A.292
Access restriction Ansicht im Lesesaal
Method of acquisition Schenkung


Work number 1.1.1
Voice/instrument V
Text incipit Empfangen und genähret vom Weibe wunderbar
PAE Code


Choir voice 1111
Strings 11110

Material description

Type Autograph manuscript
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1939-03-03-1939-03-04
Format, extent 1 score: p. 1-2
General note Datierung am Schluss des Stücks: "3. u. 4. März | 1939".

Further information

General note Einstimmiger Chor.

Index terms

Subject heading Partsongs
Language of text ger

Related Titles

Parent record 410006368 Jenny, Albert: Drei Sprüche - Coro, vl (2), vla, vlc