Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Gassmann, Alfred Leonz


Name Gassmann, Alfred Leonz (1876-1962)
Standardized title 's Muotathaler Alpeliedli
Scoring summary Coro
Key or mode C
Title on source [caption title:] 's Muotathaler Alpeliedli | Nach dem Lied "Wunsch" von Alois Glutz (Solothurn) | Volkslied | aus dem Muotathal, aufgez. | v. A. L. Gassmann, 1932
RISM ID No. 410005290

Library information

Library siglum CH-Lz Mus 3014
Access restriction Ansicht im Lesesaal
Method of acquisition Schenkung


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Fast erzählend
Recht heimelig
Voice/instrument V 1
Key or mode C
Text incipit Ufem Bärgeli isch guet läbe
PAE Code
Text Ufem Bärgeli isch guet läbe


Choir voice 002X

Material description

Type Manuscript
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1932
Format, extent 1 score: 1p.
Dimensions 29,5 x 22,5 cm
Printing technique Reproduction

Further information

General note 4 Strophen

Index terms

Subject heading Folk songs
Language of text gsw
Name Glutz-Blotzheim, Franz Peter Alois (1789-1827) [Composer cross-reference]