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Adagio con espressione - Fragments; pf


Name Niedermeyer, Louis Abraham (1802-1861)
Standardized title Adagio con espressione
Subheading Fragments
Scoring summary pf
Key or mode E|b
Title on source [caption title:] Adagio. con expressione
RISM ID No. 410001147

Library information

Library siglum CH-NYan A-6-21
Method of acquisition Dépôt
Date of acquisition 2010


Keyboards pf

Material description

Type Probably autograph
Format, extent 1 part
Dimensions 27 x 35 cm
Parts held pf
Extent (parts) 2p.

Further information

General note Il s'agit peut-être d'une oeuvre de jeunesse.
Provenance notes de Pontcharra (Puygiron)

Index terms

Subject heading Keyboard pieces