Répertoire International des Sources Musicales


Standardised title A la Turque
Scoring summary pf
Key C
Title on manuscript [pf, caption title:] A la Turque

Library information

Library siglum CH-SAf
Sublocation Musikbibliothek
Library Benediktinerinnen-Abtei St. Andreas Sarnen
Shelf mark MusSAf.Ms.1261


Number of work 1.1.1
Number of work 1
Clef G-2
Voice/instrument pf
Time signature c
Musical notation {''6EG}/'''4C{8''GE}4G{8ED}/{DxCDF}{EnC}'4G/
Key or mode C
PAE Code


Keyboards pf

Material description

Description/Extent 1 part: f.16v-17r
Parts held pf
Type Manuscript


Bibliographical reference RepertoriumSarnen

Index terms

Subject heading Character pieces

Related Titles

Volume containing this item 408004353 Keyboard pieces