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Tauwitz, Eduard


Name Tauwitz, Eduard (1812-1894)
Standardised title Abendlied
Scoring summary Coro
Key Eb
Title on manuscript [score, caption title:] 13. Abendlied / E. Tauwitz

Library information

Library siglum CH-SAf
Sublocation Musikbibliothek
Library Benediktinerinnen-Abtei St. Andreas Sarnen
Shelf mark MusSAf.Dr.301.2


Number of work 1.1.1
Number of work 1
Caption of heading Innig und langsam
Clef G-2
Voice/instrument V 1
Key signature bBEA
Time signature c
Musical notation '4.B8A4GB/''C{8DE}'4B-/''4.E8E{ED}{C'B}/''4D{8CD}'4B-/
Key or mode Eb
Text incipit Müde bin ich geh' zur Ruh schließe meine Augen zu
PAE Code
Text Müde bin ich geh' zur Ruh schließe meine Augen zu


Choir voice 003X

Material description

Description/Extent 1 score: f.12r
Type Print


Bibliographical reference RepertoriumSarnen

Index terms

Subject heading Partsongs
Language of sung text ger
Name Diepenbrock, Melchior (1798-1853) [Lyricist]

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