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Sinfonie Suisse - orch


Name Munzinger, Eduard (1831-1899)
Standardized title Sinfonie Suisse
Scoring summary orch
Title on source [caption title:] Sinfonie Suisse | Edouard Munzinger
RISM ID No. 00000406000815

Library information

Library siglum CH-Bu kr I 219


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo [lvs.1:]
Voice/instrument vl 1
PAE Code
Work number 1.2.1
Title of movement, tempo [lvs.13:] Andante pastorale
Voice/instrument vl 1
PAE Code
Work number 1.3.1
Title of movement, tempo Vivace
[lvs.14:] Scherzo
Voice/instrument ob 1
PAE Code
Work number 1.4.1
Title of movement, tempo [lvs.17:] Finale
Voice/instrument ob 1
PAE Code


Strings 11111
Woodwinds 2222
Brass instruments 222
Percussion timp

Material description

Type Autograph
Publishing, Printing and Production Information Neapel, 1867
Format, extent 1 score: 21lvs.
Dimensions Different sizes

Further information

General note Am Ende der Partitur auf lvs.21: "28 Mai 1867 / a Napoli."
Supplementary material Beiliegend: Skizze einer Sinfonia pastorale


Bibliographic reference RepertoriumSchweiz

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Subject heading Symphonies