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L'amore disprezzato - V (2), orch; KreD 289


Name Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von (1739-1799)
Standardized title L'amore disprezzato
Scoring summary V (2), orch
Title on source [title page:] L'amore disprezzato | C. v. Dittersdorf | Personaggi: Jsabella Soprano | Pancrazio Tenore
RISM ID No. 00000404000189

Library information

Library siglum CH-BEl SLA-Mus-EH D-1-08
Source of acquisition note Erben von Eugen Huber
Method of acquisition Depositum
Date of acquisition 2005


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Adagio
Voice/instrument vl 1
Key or mode C
PAE Code
Work number 1.1.2
Role Pancrazio
Voice/instrument T
Key or mode C
Text incipit Io non so che cosa sia dopo che nel mio cor
PAE Code
Work number 1.2.1
Title of movement, tempo Aria.
Voice/instrument vl 1
Key or mode F
PAE Code
Work number 1.2.2
Role Pancrazio
Voice/instrument T
Key or mode F
Text incipit Isabella mia tiranna da te lungi il cor s'affanna
PAE Code


Solo voice 1010
Strings 11111
Woodwinds 0201
Brass instruments 200
Basso continuo [bc unspecified]
Dramatic roles named, standardized Pancrazio (T)
Isabella (S)

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Format, extent 1 score: 105p.
Dimensions 20,5 x 29,5 (26) cm

Further information

General note Abschrift von Eugen Huber auf Transparentpapier.
Contents note Fassung der Opera buffa in 1 Aufzug mit 8 Musiknummern.


Catalog of works KreD , 289

Index terms

Subject heading Stage music
Language of text ita
Name Huber, Eugen (1909-2004) [Copyist]