Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Bühler, Franz


Name Bühler, Franz (1760-1823)
Standardised title A solis ortu usque
Scoring summary B, orch, org
Key Eb
Title on manuscript [org, cover title:] ARIA / decantanda / a / BASSO SOLO / comitantibus / II Violinis, Viola, II Clarinettis, / /:primo concertante:/ II Cornibus, / Violone et Organo obligatis; / Flauto, II Fagottis, II Clarinis, / et Tympanis ad libitum / Composita / per / Franciscum Bühler / Ecclesiae Cathedralis augustanne / capellae magistrum.

Library information

Library siglum CH-SAf
Library Benediktinerinnen-Abtei St. Andreas Sarnen
Shelf mark MusSAf.Dr.30


Number of work 1.1.1
Number of work 1
Caption of heading Adagio
Clef G-2
Voice/instrument vl 1
Key signature bBEA
Time signature 3/4
Musical notation '8{EG}''4C'8B-/{DF}''4C'8B-/{EG''C'B}gB6{AGAF}/{8E3FEDE}8{GFF}-/
Key or mode Eb
PAE Code
Number of work 1.1.2
Number of work 1
Clef F-4
Voice/instrument B
Key signature bBEA
Time signature 3/4
Musical notation /=8/,2.B/2B4B/'8.E6D8E,BGE/,,{8.B6A}4G-/=1/4-8-,FFF/{8.F6G}4F-/
Key or mode Eb
Text incipit A solis ortu usque ad occasum
PAE Code
Text A solis ortu usque ad occasum


Solo voice 0001
Strings 11101
Woodwinds 1022
Brasses 220
Precussion timp
Keyboards org
Other instruments vlc (vlne)
Basso continuo org

Material description

Description/Extent 15 parts: 1; 1, 1, 1, 1, 2; 1, 1, 1, 1; 1, 1, 1, 1; 1f.
Dimensions Different sizes
Parts held B; vl 1, 2, vla, vlc or vlne, org (= bc.fig); fl, cl 1, 2 in Bb, fag 1 and 2; cor 1, 2 in Eb, clno 1, 2 in Eb; timp in Eb
Type Print


Bibliographical reference RepertoriumSarnen

Index terms

Subject heading Arias (voc.)
Sacred songs
Language of sung text lat