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Rathgeber, Johann Valentin


Name Rathgeber, Johann Valentin (1682-1750)
Standardized title Ad coenam Agni providi
Scoring summary V (3), Coro, orch, org
Key or mode C
Opus number op. 11
Title on source [caption title:] VI. In Resurrectione Domini. | Pro quisbusdam ordinibus Monasticis.
Liturgical feasts Resurrectio Domini
RISM ID No. 00000402007392

Library information

Library siglum CH-BM Mus.Dr.I.11


Work number 1.1.1
Voice/instrument S coro
Key or mode C
Text incipit Ad coenam Agni providi et stolis albis candidi
PAE Code
Text Ad coenam Agni providi et stolis albis candidi


Solo voice 1110
Choir voice 1111
Strings 11010
Brass instruments 020
Keyboards org
Other instruments lituus 1, 2 (tr 1, 2)
Basso continuo org

Material description

Type Print
Format, extent 10 parts: p.6-7, 5-6, 5-6; 5-6; 7-8, 7-8, 7-8, 7-8; 4-5, 4-5
Parts held Solo and coro: S, A, T; Coro: B; vl 1, 2, vlc, org (= bc.fig); tr 1 or lituus 1 in C, tr 2 or lituus 2 in C

Further information

General note S, vl 1, vl 2, vlc und org: Enthalten in Konvolut mit einem Sammeldruck von Franciscus Kaltner
vlc und org: ad libitum
Vermerk im Index: "Index Hymnorum XXXVI. / in tres Duodenas divisus. / Duodena Prima Hymnorum / DE FESTIS DOMINI. / [...] / VI. Ad Coenam: In Ressurectione Domini pro quibusdam Ordinibus Monasticis: á 4. / Voc. 2. Violin. 2. Tubis vel Lituis ex C pro Lib. cum Org. & Violoncello."


Opus number op. 11
Bibliographical reference RepertoriumBeromünster

Index terms

Subject heading Hymns
Language of text lat

Related Titles

Parent record 402007386 Rathgeber, Johann Valentin: Hymns - V (4), Coro, org, orch