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Balladen und Romanzen - pf; op. 104


Name Huber, Hans (1852-1921)
Standardized title Balladen und Romanzen
Scoring summary pf
Opus number op. 104
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID number 00000402005138

Library information

Library siglum CH-Bu
Department Handschriften
Shelfmark kr I 495 [sketches], kr V 152 [printed part], kr V 153 [printed part], kr V 154 [printed part], kr V 155 [printed part], kr V 156 [printed part]
Library Universitätsbibliothek, Musiksammlung

Material description

Type Autograph manuscript
Format, extent 1 part
Dimensions 34 x 25,5 cm
Parts held pf (incpl)
Extent (parts) 3p.

Further information

General note Autographe Stimme: Skizzen
Performance note: [Schelling, Ernst]
Additional material group: Print; Breslau, Hainauer, Julius, [s.d.]; 5 parts: 8, 3, 8, 6, 6p., 34,5 x 27 cm; pf (5x)
Note on performance Performance date: [2.2.1890 Basel]


Opus number op. 104
Bibliographic reference RepertoriumSchweiz
RefardtH 1944 , p.163

Index terms

Subject heading Keyboard pieces
Name Rehberg, Willy (1863-1937) [Dedicatee]
Schelling, Ernest (1876-1939) [Performer]

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