Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Zwyssig, Alberik


Name Zwyssig, Alberik (1808-1854)
Standardized title Jesu dulcis memoria
Scoring summary S (2), orch, org
Key or mode E|b
Title on source [title page:] Duetto, Jesu dulcis | a | 2 Soprani | P. A. Zwÿssig.
RISM ID No. 00000400102500

Library information

Library siglum CH-BEl MGbq 142 Res


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Moderato
Voice/instrument S 1
Key or mode E|b
Validity +
Text incipit Jesu dulcis memoria dans vera cordis gaudia
PAE Code
Text Jesu dulcis memoria dans vera cordis gaudia


Solo voice 2000
Strings 11201
Brass instruments 200
Keyboards org

Material description

Type Autograph
Format, extent 8 parts: 2, 2; 2, 2, 2, 2; 1; 2p.
Dimensions Different sizes
Parts held S 1, 2; vl 1, 2, vla, b; cor 1 and cor 2 in E; org
Printing technique Facsimile

Further information

Supplementary material Beiliegend: b-Stimme der "4|t|o Landmesse" von Anton Diabelli


Bibliographic reference MengZ 1982 , p.94, no.19

Index terms

Subject heading Hymns
Language of text lat
Additional institution Kloster Frauenthal [Former owner]