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Adelasia e Aleramo - Excerpts; T, Coro maschile, orch


Name Mayr, Johann Simon (1763-1845)
Standardized title Adelasia e Aleramo
Subheading Excerpts
Scoring summary T, Coro maschile, orch
Title on source [by later hand:] Air Adelesia ed Aleruno. Meyer Francesco Bonoldi
RISM ID No. 00000400065824

Library information

Library siglum CH-Gc U 31 (Ms.10386)


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Air
Role Ottone
Voice/instrument T
Key or mode D
Text incipit Dell'ardir che in voi lampeggia
PAE Code


Solo voice 0010
Choir voice 0021
Strings 11101
Woodwinds 2221
Brass instruments 200
Percussion timp
Dramatic roles named, standardized Ottone

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Format, extent 1 score
Dimensions in quer-4

Further information

Note on Performance First performance date: 25.12.1807 Milano, La Scala
Description summary Aria from the opera in 2 acts
Provenance notes Bonoldi, Francesco.

Index terms

Subject heading Operas
Language of text ita
Name Bonoldi, Francesco (1805-1873) [Former owner]