Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Salieri, Antonio


Name Salieri, Antonio (1750-1825)
Standardized title Solfeggios
Scoring summary V (2)
Key or mode G
Title on source [label on cover, by Aloys Fuchs:] Originalhandschrift | von | Antonio Salieri. | K.K Hofkapellmeister in Wien | Geb. 29. August 1750. | 3 7. Mai 1825. | Solfeggio fugato a 2 Voci | Partitura
RISM ID No. 00000400006633

Library information

Library siglum CH-Bu Geigy-Hagenbach 1645


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Allegretto
Voice/instrument S
Text incipit Do re mi fa
PAE Code
Text Do re mi fa


Solo voice 1100

Material description

Type Autograph
Format, extent 1 score: 2p.
Dimensions 22 x 29,5 cm

Further information

Provenance notes [Geigy-Hagenbach, K.]


Catalog of works AngS , 273
Bibliographic reference Geigy-HagenbachA 1929 , 1929, p.228

Index terms

Subject heading Solfeggios (voc.)
Language of text ita
Name Geigy-Hagenbach, K. [Former owner]